Thirteenthly – It is ordained that, in the event of a gallant and daring act having been performed by squadron, ship's company, a detached body of Seamen and Marines not under 50 in number, or by a brigade, regiment, troop, or company, in which the Admiral, General, or any other Officer Commanding such forces, may deem that all are equally brave and distinguished and that no special selection can be made by them; then, in such case the Admiral, General, or other Officer Commanding, may direct, that for any such body of Seamen or Marines, or gor every troop or company of Soldiers, one Officer shall be selected by the Officers engaged for the Decoration, and in like manner one Petty Officer or Non Commissioned Officer shall be selected by the Petty Officers and Non Commissioned Officers engaged; and two Seamen or Private Soldiers or Marines engaged, shall be selected by the Seamen, or Private Soldiers, or Marines engaged respectively for the Decoration; and the names of those selected shall be transmitted by the Senior Officer in command of the naval force, brigade, regiment, troop or company, to the Admiral or General Officer Commanding, who shall in due manner confer the Decoration as if the acts were done under his own eye.