Related Victoria Cross Holders

Captain Robert BLAIR of the 2nd Dragoon Guards, won the VC in India at Bolandsharh in September 1857. He is the cousin of General James BLAIR of the 2nd Bombay Light Cavalry who won his award a month earlier, also in India, at Neemuch.

Midshipman BOYES see Young

Lieutenant Commander George Nicholson BRADFORD RN awarded posthumously for action at Zeebrugge, Belgium, St George's Day 1918. He was the older brother of Brigadier General Roland Boys BRADFORD of the Durham Light Infantry. His award was for action in France 1916.

Captain BUTLER see Gifford.

Colonel Thomas CADELL, of the Bengal European Fusiliers, won his honour at Delhi, India in June 1857. He is the cousin of Majot Samuel Hill LAWRENCE who won his VC a month later (July) at Lucknow, India as a Lieutenant in the 32nd Regiment.

Vice-Admiral Gordon CAMPBELL, RN. For bravery on Q ships, Atlantic, February 1917. He was the uncle of Lorne MacLaine CAMPBELL for gallantry in Tunisia 1943.

General Sir Walter Norris CONGREVE, VC, KCB, MVO. Of the Rifle Brigade decorated for action at Colenso South Africa 1899. The father of William La Touche CONGREVE VC, DSO, MC. Getting the VC for gallantry over a 15 day period in July 1916.

Colonel William George CUBITT earned his VC in June 1857 at Chinhut, India. He was serving as a Lieutenant in the Bengal Native Infantry. He was the brother-in-law of Lieutenant-General Sir James Hills of the Bengal Horse Artillery. He won his VC on the 9th July 1857 at the siege of Delhi, India. Colonel Cubitt was also the uncle of another VC, Brigadier-General Lewis Pugh EVANS. His medal was gained at Zonnebeke, Belgium in October 1917.

Colonel James Lennox DAWSON winner of the VC at Hohenzollern Redoubt, France as a Corporal in the Royal Engineers in October 1915. He is the Cousin of Captain James Dalgleish POLLOCK of the Cameron Highlanders. He won his award a month earlier than his cousin in September 1915 at the same place.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas ESMONDE won it as a Captain in the 18th Regt., during the Crimea in 1855. He was the great-uncle of Lieutenant Commander Eugene ESMONDE Royal Navy who was posthumously awarded the medal for bravery in the Straits of Dover 1942.

Brig.-Gen. EVANS see Cubitt.

Major Lord Edric Frederick GIFFORD won his award in the Ashanti wars as a Lieutenant in the 24th Regt., in 1873-74 at the taking of Becquah. He was the uncle of Captain John Fitzhardinge Paul BUTLER who won his award in November 1914 in the Cameroons, West Africa.

Field Marshall Viscount John Standish Surtees Prendergast Vereker GORT of the Grenadier Guards won his VC at Canal du Nord, France, on27th September 1918. He was the father-in-law of Major William Philip SIDNEY (Viscount de Lisle) also of the Grenadier Guards was awarded his VC for a deed at Anzio in 1944.

General Sir Charles John Stanley GOUGH and General Sir Hugh Henry GOUGH of the Bengal European Cavalry were brothers born in India just less than two years apart. Both taking part and being awarded the VC in the Indian Mutiny in 1857. A further family VC came to the son of Gen. C.J.S. Gough, Brigadier General Sir John Edmund GOUGH. His was awarded for bravery in Somaliland in 1903.

Lieutenant John GRIEVE of the 2nd Dragoons in the Crimea at Balaclava, 1854, uncle of Captain Robert Cuthbert GRIEVE of the 37th Battn Australian Imperial Force for gallantry at Messines, Belgium 1917.

Lieut.-Gen. HILLS see Cubitt.

Major LAWRENCE see Cadell

Lieutenant General Harry Hammon LYSTER won the award as a Lieutenant in the 72nd Native Bengal Infantry at Calpee, India 1858 He was the uncle of Major General Hamilton Lyster REED who won his award at Colenso, South Africa December 1899.

Flying Officer Leslie Thomas MANSER, RAFVR. was posthumously awarded his VC after a raid on Cologne in May 1942. He was the brother-in-law of Captain John Neil RANDLE OF THE Royal Norfolk Regiment. He won his VC on 6th May 1944 at Kohima, Assam, India after bravely throwing a grenade into an enemy bunker and giving his life.

General Sir Frederick Francis MAUDE won his award as a Brevet Lieutenant Colonel at Sebastopol in 1855 serving in the 3rd Regt. He was the cousin of Colonel Francis Cornwallis MAUDE of the Royal Artillery getting his decoration at Lucknow, India 1857.

Captain POLLOCK see Dawson.

Captain RANDLE see Manser.

Maj.-Gen. REED see Lyster.

Field Marshall, Earl Frederick Sleigh ROBERTS won his award as a Lieutenant of the Bengal Artillery in India, January 1858. He was the father of Lieutenant the Hon. Frtederick Hugh Sherston ROBERTS cited for his bravery at Colenso, South Africa.

Major-General Euston Henry SARTORIUS of the 59th Regt., fighting in the Afghan War in 1879. He was the younger brother of Major-General Reginald William SARTORIUS of the 6th Bengal Cavalry during the Ashanti War in 1874.

Major SIDNEY see Gort.

2nd Lieutenant Alexander Buller TURNER of the Royal Berkshire Regt., decorated for action at Vermelles, France 1915, was the elder brother of Lieut. Colonel Victor Buller TURNER, awarded for his bravery in WWII in the Western desert. They also have a family connection to General Sir Redvers Buller VC.(Zulu War 1879)

Captain Thomas James YOUNG of the Royal Navy (Naval Brigade) won his VC at Lucknow, India in November 1857. He was the brother-in-law of Midshipman Duncan Gordon BOYES of the Royal Navy.who won his VC at the age of 17 at Shimonoseki, Japan in September 1864.