Victoria Cross Holders born in Ireland

The undernamed V.C. holders are not necessarily of Irish descent. Many Irish were born in India and other places around the world whilst serving with the British Army and Navy. They are not mentioned here.

The Order they appear is; Rank - Name - Date Born - Place Born

Reverend James William ADAMS, on 24th November 1839 at Cork.

Private John ALEXANDER, on date unknown at Mullingar, West Meath.

Captain Harold Marcus ERVINE-ANDREWS, on 29th July 1911 at Keadu ,Cavan.

Private John BARRY on1st February 1873 at Kilkenny.

Private David BELL on date unknown 1845, at County Down.

T/Captain Eric Norman Frankland BELL on 28th August 1895 at Enniskillin.

Captain, Lord William Leslie de la Poer BERESFORD on 20th July 1847 at Mullaghbrack, Markethill Co. Armagh.

Private James BERGIN on 29th June 1845 at Killbricken, Queen's Co. (later Leix)

Commander (RN) The Hon. Edward Barry Stewart BINGHAM on 26th July 1881 at Bangor, Co. Down.

L/Corporal Abraham BOULGER on 4th September 1835 at Kilcullen, Co. Kildare.

Private Joseph BRADSHAW on date unknown 1835 at Dromkeen, Limerick

Asst. Surgeon William BRADSHAW on 12th February 1830 at Thurles, Tipperary.

Captain Henry George GORE-BROWN ON 30TH September 1830 at Newtown, Roscommon.

Lieutenan (RN) Hugh Talbot BURGOYNE on 17th July 1833 at Dublin.

Lieutenant Nathaniel BURSLEM on 2nd February 1838 at Limerick.

Private James BYRNE on date unknown 1822 at Newtown, Mount Kennedy Co. Wicklow.

Private John BYRNE in September 1832 at Castlecomer, Kilkenny.

Private Thomas BYRNE in December 1866 at St. Thomas, Dublin.

Private John CAFFREY on 23rd October 1891 at Birr, King's Co. (later Offaly)

Sergeant Daniel CAMBRIDGE actual date unknown 1820 at Carrickfergus.

Private Patrick CARLIN in 1832 at Belfast.

Private William COFFEY on 5th August 1829 at Knocklong, Co. Limerick

Lieutenant Nevill Josiah Aylmer COGHILL on 25th January 1852 at Drumcondra, Dublin.

Lieutenant John Augustus CONOLLY on 30th May 1829 at Ballyshannon, Co Donegal.

Corporal William COSGROVE on 1st October 1888 at Aghada, Co. Cork.

Colour-Sergeant Cornelius COUGHLAN (or Coghlan) on 27th June 1828 at Eyrecourt, Co.Galway.

Captain O'Moore CREAGH (later Sir O'Moore) on 2nd April 1848 at Cahirbane, Co. Clare.(Co Author The Victoria Cross 1856-1920)

Surgeon Captain Thomas Joseph CREAN on 19th April 1873 at Dublin.

Private James CRICHTON on 15th July 1879 at Carrickfergus.

Surgeon John CRIMMIN on 19th March 1859 at Dublin.

Corporal John CUNNINGHAM on 22nd October 1890 at Thurles, Tipperary.

Trooper John DANAHER (Or Danagher) on 25th June 1860 at Limerick.

Lieutenant Maurice James DEASE 28th September 1889 at Coole, Co. West Meath.

Private Denis DEMPSEY in 1826 at Rathmichael, Bray, Co. Dublin.

2nd Lieutenant Edmund DE WIND on 11th December 1883 at Comber, Co. Down.

Sergeant Bernard DIAMOND in 1827 at Port Glenone, Co. Antrim.

Private John DEVANE (or Devine) in November 1822 at Canavane, Loughrea, Galway.

Private John DOOGAN in March 1853 at Aughrim, Co. Galway.

Private William DOWLING in 1825 at Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny.

CSM. Martin DOYLE on 25th October 1891at New Ross Co. Wexford.

Private James DUFFY in 1805 at Caulry, Athlone.

John DUNLAY(Dunley or Dunlea) in 1831at Douglas Co. Cork.

Sergeant Denis DYNON in September 1822 at Kilmannon, Queens Co.

Private Frederoick Jeremiah EDWARDS on 3rd October 1894 at Queenstown, Co Cork.

T/2nd Lieutenant James Samuel EMERSON on 3rd August 1895 at Collon, Drogheda, Co.Louth.

Lieutenant William John ENGLISH on 6th October 1882 at Cork.

Captain Thomas ESMONDE on 25th May 1829 at Pembrokestown, Co Waterford.

Sergeant John FARRELL in March 1826 at Dublin.

Captain Charles FitzCLARENCE on 8th May 1865 at Bishopscourt, Co. Kildare.

Gunner Richard FitzGERALD in December 1831 at St. Finbars, Cork.

Private Francis FITZPATRICK in 1859 at Tullycorbet, Co. Monaghan

Drummer Thomas FLINN in August 1842 at Athlone. (Decorated aged 15yrs 3mths.).

Lieutenant George FORREST in 1800 at St Michael's, Dublin.

Private Edmund John FOWLER in 1861 at Waterford.

Sergeant George GARDINER in 1821 at Gelwallen, Warrenpoint, Co. Down.

Flying Officer Donald Edward GARLAND. On 28th June 1918 at Ballinacor, Co. Wicklow.

Col. Sergeant Stephen GARVIN in 1826 at Cashel Co. Tipperary.

Sergeant-Major Peter GILL in September 1831 at St. Paul's, Dublin.

Private Thomas GRADY on 18th Sept 1835 at Cheddah, Galway.

Private Patrick GRAHAM in 1837 at St Michaels, Dublin.

Private Peter GRANT in ?1824 in ? Ireland.

Private Patrick GREEN in 1824 at Cork.

Private William GRIFFITHS in 1841 at Co. Rosscommon.

Lieutenant Thomas Bernard HACKETT on 15th June 1836 at Riverstown (?) Co. Tipperary.

CSM Frederick William HALL 8th February 1885 at Kilkenny.

Lieutenant Walter Richard Pollock HAMILTON on 18th August 1856 at Inistioge, Kilkenny.

CSM Robert Hill HANNA on 6thAugust 1887 atKilkeel, Co. Down.

Leading Seaman John HARRISON on 24th January 1832 at Castleborough, Co. Wexford.

Lieutenant Reginald Clare HART on 11th June 1848 at Scarriff, Co. Clare.

Sergeant Henry HARTIGAN in March 1826 at Drumlea, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh.

Lieutenant Frederick Maurice Watson HARVEY on 1st September 1888 at Athboy, Co. Meath.

Bugler Robert HAWTHORNE at Maghera, Nr. Londonderry.

Sergeant Samuel HILL in 1826 at Glenavy, Co. Antrim.

Lieutenant John Vincent HOLLAND on 19th July 1889 at Athy, Co. Kildare.

Private Charles IRWIN in 1824 at Manorhamilton, Co.Leitrim.

T/Captain James Joseph Bernard JACKMAN on 19th March 1916 at Dublin.

Rough Rider Edward Jennings in 1815 at Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo.

Captain Robert JOHNSTON on 13th August 1872 at Laputa, Co. Donegal.

Captain Henry Mitchell JONES on 11th February 1831 at Dublin.

Mr. Thomas Henry KAVANAGH on 15th July 1821 at Mullingar, Co West Meath.

Major Richard Harte KEATINGE on 17th June 1825 at Dublin.

Ptivate Richard KELLIHER on 1st September 1910 at Ballybeggan, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

Private William KENEALLY on 26th December 1886 at Wexford.

Lieutenant William David KENNY on 1st Febrary 1899 at Saintfield, Co.Down.

Sergeant-Major George LAMBERT on 18th December 1819 at Markethill, Co Armagh.

Private Thomas LANE in May 1836 at Cork.

Gunner Thomas LAUGHNAN in August 1824 at Kilmadaugh, Gort, Co. Galway.

Lieutenant Samuel Hill LAWRENCE on 22nd January 1831 at Cork.

Captain Edward Pemberton LEACH on 2nd April 1847 at Londonderry.

Major William knox LEET on 3rd November 1833 at Dalkey, Co. Dublin.

Corporal William James LENDRIM (or Lendrum) 1st January 1830 in Ireland.(?)

Surgeon-Major Owen Edward Pennefeather LLOYD on 1st January 1854 at Co. Roscommon/

Flight Lieutenant David Samuel Anthony LORD on 18th October 1913 at Cork.

Mate Charles Davis LUCAS (1st man to win VC) on 19th February 1834 at Drumargole, Armagh.

Col. Sergeant John LUCAS in 1827 at Clashgonny, Bagnaltown, Carlow.

Private John LYONS in 1823 at Carlow.

Lieutenant Harry Hammon LYSTER 24th December 1830 at Black Rock, Co. Dublin.

Private Charles McCORRIE (or McCurry) in 1830 at Killeard, Co. Antrim.

Private William Frederick McFADZEAN on 9th October 1895 at Lurgan, Co Armagh.

Private John McGOVERN on 16th May 1825 at Templeport, Co Cavan.

Sergeant James McGUIRE in 1827 at Enniskillen.

Private Patrick McHALE in 1826 at Killala, Co Mayo.

Private Peter McMANUS in March 1829 at Tynan, Co Armagh..

Private Bernard McQUIRT in 1829 at Donacloney, Lurgan, Co. Armagh.

Sergeant William McWHEENEY in 1837 at Bangor, Co. Down.

Sergeant Ambrose MADDEN in 1820 at Cork.

A/Leading Seaman James Joseph MAGENNIS on 27th October 1919 at Belfast.

Drummer Michael MAGNER (alias Barry) on 21st June 1840 at Fermanagh.

Sergeant Patrick MAHONEY in 1827 at Waterford.

Asst. Surgeon William George Nicholas MANLEY on 17th September 1831 at Dublin.

Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Francis MAUDE on 20th Dec 1821 at Lisnadill, Co. Armagh.

Private Martin MOFFAT on 15th April 1884 at Sligo.

Lieutenant Arthur Thomas MOORE on 20th September 1830 at Carlingford, Louth.

Major Hans Garrett MOORE on 31st March 1834 at Richmond Barracks Dublin.

Private Robert MORROW on 7th September 1891 at Coalisland, Co. Tyrone.

Lance Sergeant John MOYNEY on 8th January 1885 at Rathdowney. Queen's Co. (Liex)

Farrier Michael MURPHY in 1831 at Cahir, Tipperary.

Private Thomas MURPHY in 1839 at Dublin.
Lance Corporal James MURRAY in February 1859 at St. Michael's, Cork.

Sergeant John MURRAY in February 1837 at Birr, King's Co.(Offaly)

Private Patrick MYLOTT in 1820 at Hollymount, Co Mayo.

Corporal William NASH on 23rd April 1824 at Newcastle, Co. Limerick.

Sergeant David NELSON on 3rd April 1886 at Deraghland, Co Monaghan.

Corporal George Edward NURSE on 14th April 1873 at Enniskillin.

Sergeant Luke O'CONNOR on 21st January 1831 at Elphin, Co. Roscommon.

Private Timothy O'HEA in 1846 at Skull, Co. Cork.

Lance Corporal Michael O'LEARY on 29th September 1888 at Macroom, Co. Cork.

Captain William OLPHERTS on 8th March 1822 at Dartrey, Co. Armagh.

Private Martin O'MEARA on 31st December 1882 at Curcragha, Tipperary.

Private Michael James O'ROURKE on 19th March 1878 at Limerick.

Captain Gerald Robert O'SULLIVAN om 8th November 1888 at Frankfield, Co. Cork.

Corporal James OWENS in 1829 at Killane, Co. Cavan.

Sergeant John PARK in January 1835 at Londonderry.

Privat James PEARSON on 2nd October 1822 at Rath downey, Queen's Co. (Leix)

Private Joseph PROSSER in 1828 at Monegal, King's Co. (Offaly)

Private John PURCELL in 1814 at Kilcommonn Co. Galway.

Rifleman Robert QUIGG on 28th February 1885 at Andihennon, Co. Antrim.

Captain Hamilton Lyster REED on 23rd May 1869 at Dublin.

Surgeon Major James Henry REYNOLDS on 3rd February 1834 at Kingstown, Co. Dublin. (VC Rorke's Drift.)

Private George RICHARDSON on 1st August 1831 at Derrylane, Co. Cavan.

Captain Richard Kirby RIDGEWAY on 18th August 1848 at Oldcastle, Co. Meath.

2nd Lieutenant George Arthur BOYD-ROCHFORT on 1st January 1880 at Middleton, Co. Westmeath.

Ensign Patrick RODDY on 17th March 1827 at Elphin, Roscommon.

Lieutenant Robert Montresor ROGERS on 4th Septeber 1834 at Dublin.

Lieutenant George Rowland Patrick ROUPELL on 7th April 1892 at Tipperary.

Private John RYAN in 1823 at Kilkenny. (1st Madras Fus.)

Lance-Corporal John RYAN in 1839 at Barnsleigh, Tipperary. (65th Regt.)

Drummer Miles RYAN in 1826 at Londonderry.
Lance-Corporal John SINNOTT in 1829 at Wexford.

Corporal Michael SLEAVON in 1827 at Magheraculmoney, Fermanagh.

Captain Frederick Augustus SMITH on 18th November 1826 at Dublin.

Corporal Philip SMITH in 1825 at Lurgan Co. Armagh.

Sergeant James SOMERS on 12th June 1884 at Belturbet, Co. Cavan

Drummer Dudley STAGPOOLE in 1838 at Killunan, Co. Galway.

Boatswain's Mate John SULLIVAN on 10th April 1830 at Bantry, Cork.

Asst. Surgeon William TEMPLE on 7th November 1833 at Monaghan.

Colonel James TRAVERS on 6th October 1820 at Cork.

Lieutenant Mark WALKER on 24th November 1827 atGore Port, Co. Westmeath.

Sergeant Joseph WARD in 1832 at Kinsale, Co. Cork.

Major George Stuart WHITE on 4th July 1835 at Ballymena.

Private Alexander WRIGHT in 1826 at Ballymena.

Sergeant-Major Alexander YOUNG on 27th January 1873 at Ballinona, Galway.