QUERIPEL, Lionel Ernest (Reg. No. 1012)
Captain The Royal Sussex Regiment attached to the 10th Parachute Battalion.
London Gazetted on 1st February 1945
Born on: 13th July 1920 at Winterbourne Monkton, Dorset.
Died on: 19th September 1944 at Battle of Arnhem, Holland.
Memorial at: Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery and in Chichester Cathedral in the Royal Sussex Regimental Chapel.
Digest of Citation reads:
On 19 september 1944 at Arnhem, Holland, Captain Queripel displayed the highest standard of gallantry during the whole of a peroiod of nine hours of bitter and confused fighting. Under heavy fire he carrried a wounded sergeant to the regimental aid post and was himself wounded in the face. Later, when it became necessary to withdraw he insisted , despite the protests of his men, in remaining behind to cover their withdrawal, armed only with his pistol and a few hand grenades. This was the last occasion on which he was seen.