Ambulances as Memorials to Medical VCs

In the 1980-90s some of the armoured ambulances followed the Battle Groups that they were supporting and named their vehicles.
It had been the practise to name Armoured Cars and such. For example HMAC (Her Majesty's Armoured Car) Cleopatra.
As the Medical Corps had no Battle Honours as such. It was decided to give them the names of Medical Corps Personnel who had been awarded the Victoria Cross.
Alasdair Worsley purchased a Ex-Gulf War,1982 Land Rover Ambulance for restoration that had seen service with The Royal Anglian Regiment and the Royal Army Medical Corps.
On removing the paint from the cab front roof he discovered a painted nameplate dedicated to Sutgeon Captain Arthur MARTIN-LEAKE VC and Bar.
This confirms that "soft skin" ambulances also had names.
Alasdair has since found two more ambulances bearing the names of Single VC holders of the RAMC or other Medical VCs awarded prior to founding of the RAMC, ie.
Army Hospital Corps,
Indian Medical Establishment,
New South Wales Medical Staff Corps,
Canadian Army Medical Corps,
Medical Staff,
Army Medical Services,
Army Medical Department
Indian Medical Section.
Alasdair has the service history of the vehicle and knows it spent most of it's life in or around the Anglian Regiment. A plate, fitted to it, informed him that it had seen service in the Gulf War, probably on the Turkish Border as it is fitted to carry the front extra "Jerry Can" but no Red Crescent..
For any further information on this subject of named ambulances, from RAMC ambulance drivers, maybe even the driver of this vehicle, we would be extremely grateful.
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Alasdair Worsley hopes to show the ambulance in May 2003.