General Ernest Alexander CB;CMG  18th February 1915 (Belgium)  Dix, Noonan &Webb/£92,000/1999.
 Private John Barry  8th August 1902 (South Africa)  Dix, Noonan &Webb/£97,500/2000.
 Drummer Spencer Bent  9th December 1914 (Belgium)  Dix, Noonan &Webb/£80,000/2000
 Mishipman Duncan Boyes  21st April 1865. (Japan)  Spink/£45,000/1998
 Bombardier Joseph Brennan  11th November 1859 (Jhansi,India)  Spink/£18,000/1999
 Lance Corporal Thomas Bryan  8th June 1917 (France)  Dix, Noonan &Webb/£60,000/2000
 Corporal John Clements  4th June 1901.(South Africa)  Spink/£65000/1999
 Private Albert Curtis  15th January 1901 (South Africa)  Spink/£40,000/1999
 Boatswain Henry Curtis  24th February 1857 (Crimea)  Spink/£35,000/1999
 Sergeant Dennis Dynon  25th February 1862 ( India)  Sothebys/£20,000/1998
 Sergeant James Firth  11th June 1901 (South Africa)  Spink/£38,000/1999
 Private Thomas Flawn  23rd February 1880 (South Africa)  Sothebys/£70,000/1999
 Sgt-Major Peter Gill  23rd August 1858 ( Benares, India)  Dix, Noonan &Webb/£60,000/2000.
 Corporal William Goat (later Goate)  24th December 1858 (Lucknow, India)  Sothebys/£29,900/1999 *
 Lieutenant Walter R.P. Hamilton  1st September 1879. (Afghanistan)  Spink/£60,000/1998
 Lieutenant William Kerr  24th April 1858 (Kolapore, India)  Sothebys/£25,000/2000
Surgeon William J. Maillard 2nd December 1898 (Candia, Crete)  Spink/£50,000/1998
 Sergeant Horace R. Martineau  6th July 1900 (Mafeking,S.Africa)  Spinks/£90,000/2002
 Lieutenant Francis Maxwell CSI; DSO & Bar  8th March 1901 (South Africa)  Spink/ £78,000/1998
 Corporal Samuel Meekosha (later Ingham)  22nd January 1916. (Yser, France)  Sotherbys/£92,000/2001(Other reprts of £101,000.)
Sergeant Frank Lester.  14th December 1918. (France)  Morton & Eden/£78,000/2002
Lieutenant Arthur F.Pickard   22nd September 1864 (New Zealand)  Dunbar Sloane/£56,630/2002
 Trooper Horace E.Ramsden  6th July 1900 (Mafeking, S.Africa)  Welz(S.A)*/£52,000/1999
 Private John Readitt.  5th July 1917 (Mesopotamia)  Spink/£40,000/2000
 Lance-Naik Sher Shah  8th May 1945 (Kyeyebyin, Burma)  Morton & Eden/£85,000/2002
 Lance Corporal John Sinnott  24th December 1858. (Lucknow, India)  ?Auction/£2000/1935*
 Captain Frederick A. Smith  4th November 1864 (Tauranga, NZ.)  Spink/£40,000/1998
 Flying Officer Lloyd Trigg  2nd November 1943 (Atlantic,W. Africa)  Spink/£120,000/1998
 Lieutenant William Waller  25th February 1858 (Gwalior, India)  Spink/£23,000/1999
 Lieutenant John Watson  16th June 1859 ( Lucknow, India)  Sotherbys/£89,5001999
 Lieut-Col. Richard A. West  30th October 1918. (France)  Sold to unknown buyer privately.
 Private Alfred Wilcox  15th November 1918 (France)  Spink/£48,000/1999