Recommended Reference Books.

Captain Ball VC of the Royal Flying Corps.–By Walter A Briscoe and H. Russell Stannard (H.Jenkins Ltd. York.)
Register of the Victoria Cross– (This England)
The Victory Cross at Sea–By John Winton. (Michael Joseph Ltd. London).
The Victoria Cross 1856-1920.–Edited By Sir O'Moore Creagh VC., GCB., GCSI. and
E.M. Humphries. (J Heyward & Son, Polstead.)
The Royal Marines Victoria Crosses -- Compiled by John Little. (Royal Marine Museum, Southsea).
Book of The VC– By A.L Haydon.(Andrew Melrose, London).
Thin Yellow Line–By William Moore.(Wordsworth Editions, Ware, Herts.).
I Counted Them All Back. Brian Hanrahan and Robert Fox (BBC Pubs)
Late Victorian Britain–By J.F.C.Harrison. (Fontana Press)
British Merchant Ships sunk By U-Boats in the 1914-18 War–By A.J.Tennent (Starling Press Ltd.)
Forgotten Voices of the Great War–By Max Arthur.(Ebury Press)
The Battle Book–By Bryan Perrett. (Brockhampton Books)
World War I A Visual Encyclopaedia --Edited by Simon Forty. (PRC Pubs Ltd)
Ships –By Brian Benson.(Macdonald).
Allied Combat Medals of World War 2-Christopher Ailsby (Patrick Stephens Ltd.).
Air Battles.(Pictorial) (Golden Hands Books).
Ships of the Victorian Navy–By Conrad Dixon. (Ashford Press)
Victoria Cross-WWI Airman and their Aircraft–By Alex Revel. (Revel)
Under the Guns of the Red Baron.– By Norman Franks, Hal Goblin and Nigel McCreary.(Canton)
This is the SAS -- By Tony Geraghty. (Arms and Armour Press)
Jane's Fighting Ships of World War I –(Jane's Publishing Co.)
The London Gazette.(Admiralty Library.)
The Blocking of Zeebrugge–Captain Alfred Carpenter VC RN.
Letters from Grant to Bacon–(Admiralty Archives)
The Fighting Marines–By Patrick Cringle (Evans Bros. Ltd. London).
For Conspicuous Gallantry – By Nigel McCreary(J.H.Hall & Sons, Derby).
The Royal Marines From Soldiers to a Special Force–By Julian Thompson. (Pan Books)
The Book of the VC-By A.L.Haydon(Andrew Melrose,London.)
British VCs of World War Two-By John Laffen, (Sutton Publishing)
The Gurkhas-By Byron Powell (Allen Lane, Penguin)
Deeds of Valour-By James W. Bancroft. (House of Heroes, Eccles, Lacs.).
The Great War-By John Terrains.(Wordsworth Editions)
Cheshire VC-by Russell Braddon (Evans Bros. Ltd., London)
Dictionary of World War I –By Ian Vernon Hogg.(Brookhampton Press)
From Midshipman to Field Marshal-By Field Marshal Sir Evelyn Wood VC (Methane).
VCs of the Air–By John Frayed Turner.(George G. Harrap Ltd).
The Evolution of the Victoria Cross.–By M.J.Crook. (Midas Books).
Britain's Wonderful Fighting Forces. (Odham's Press)
First World War –by Martin Gilbert.(Harper Collins)
The Paras–By John Parker. (Metro Books)
For Valour-By john Percival. (Methane and Thames Television Limited)
T E Lawrence–By Peter Brent. (Book Club Assoc.)
Zulu Kings-By Brian Roberts. (Sphere Books Ltd. London).
The Great Boer War-By Byron Farwell (Wordsworth Editions).
Greatest Raid of All- B C.E.Lucas Phillips (Pan Books)
This England Magazine.
Short History of the Royal Navy
- By A Cecil Hampshire.(Royal Navy public relations)
Heroes of the Crimea-By Michael Barthorp (Blandford)

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